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Eucalyptus Soap gently cleanses and nourishes sensitive skin without drying your skin like ordinary soap cleansers. This nourishing soap bar is scented with eucalyptus essential oil and brings a fresh, crisp, and camphoric aroma, that is rounded out with hints of tangy citrus.

We’ve enhanced the moisturizing and conditioning benefits of this bar by blending olive, avocado, shea butter along with rice bran and castor oils giving you a soap with a rich, lotion-like lather that gently cleanses your skin and leaves a soft and silky feel.

This soap bar is suitable for daily use on face, body, and hands

Ingredients:  Saponfied olive, avocado oil, rice bran,shea butter, castor oils, distilled water and eucalyptus essential oil 

Net Wt:   6.25 oz.

Photograph is intended as a guide only. Due to the unique qualities of each batch, coloring may differ to what is currently displayed.