Visits to the northeast and the haunting cry of the common loon influenced the naming of Blue Loon Botanicals. No, there are not blue loons. Blue however is a color of trust, responsibility, and relaxation. I wanted a business that was responsible and created products that customers could trust and find relaxation in their use. Blue Loon Botanicals was created in 2016 and a permanent move was made to New Hampshire. We started primarily as a soap business that created safe, handmade, and primarily natural scented soaps unlike synthetic skin products on the market and other body care products. During the Covid period a focus transition occurred moving the primary product to a variety of artisan candles not readily available in the marketplace. Blue Loon Botanicals brings you pure beeswax, combination beeswax/soy blended and seasonal bayberry candles. Located in rural New Hampshire I still listen for the cry of the loon and the peace and serenity it brings to my life. It has been said that when you see a loon, it is a sign that something in your life is about to change. At Blue Loon Botanicals we hope that when you use our products there is a change in your life as you embrace your self-care journey.