Just like fine wine, Blue Loon Botanicals Handcrafted Soaps get better with age. Left to cure for several months, moisture will evaporate out of your bar of handmade soap and the soap will become slightly smaller, harder, longer lasting, and more mild. The harder (older) the soap, the longer it lasts and the better lather it produces. Our soaps cure for 6 weeks or more. This resting process assures a fine quality product.

 We superfat our soaps which creates a bar with a high percentage of unincorporated oils. This results in a more emollient, more moisturizing, and gentler soap.

Different oils impart different qualities to soap. Some add lathering qualities, some moisturizing, some hardness, and so on. We use a larger percentage of extra moisturizing and conditioning oils in our soap bars than many other soapmakers. As a result, you may notice our bar soaps tend to be softer than those of other soapmakers.

Natural soaps need to breathe. Exposure to air promotes hardening of your soap and contributes to longer-lasting quality. Soap should be left unwrapped or wrapped with breathable materials. Blue Loon Botanicals soaps contain all natural fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

 Store your natural handmade soaps in a dry, cool place away from excessive heat and humidity. As all natural soaps age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost over time, especially from the surface. But it will be there when you lather up!  Over time, natural color may also fade.